The cloud service is the IT solution of the future – we hear it countless times but what is cloud?

It is the simplest to define as a system in which the services (e. g. cloud storages, computing capacities, servers) do not run on a dedicated hardware but distributed on different remote devices instead. In accordance with this the private cloud is a service oriented operation model set up at the end user’s on-premise infrastructure, which aggregates the IT resources, provides the dynamic changeability of parameters and enables the central management of the resources and their accountability.

Why Cloud Is Good For Me?

Setting up a private cloud the IT operation obtains several advantages:

  • Dynamically manageable central resources
  • Significantly reduced installation and deployment times
  • Simple expandability and high level scalability
  • High availability and business agility
  • Flexible management tools
  • Self-service portal system and accountability

The private cloud set up properly effectively supports the everyday work of the developers:

  • With its self-service portal it puts the control of application development resources into the hands of the developers
  • The servers are available where and when they are required for programming
  • No need for IT involvement, no waiting
  • Workflow support for the creation of virtualized servers
  • Exact account of the costs related to development thus they can be charged to the given project

The private cloud solutions therefore provide immediate advantages also for companies where the application development is an integral part of the business processes. In the case of software development it is a fundamental problem that the determination of the development resources which are complicated to request from the IT is a time-consuming and many times a complicated task. It is a common occurrence that the requested resource is undersized, or vice versa: it is oversized but there is a need for additional infrastructure elements or infrastructure development. The private cloud solution may be a solution for all this! It is no exaggeration to say that a well-created private cloud service is the dream of IT. The cloud, along with the dynamic use of virtualized resources, contains the usage statistics of the resources as well, thus making the IT infrastructure accountable. By this the IT administrator will manage to step out of the dogmatic thought of ‘IT is just taking the money’.

What Cloud Service Does S&T Offer?

The S&T offers integrated dynamic data center private cloud service under the name of Flexpod, where the computing capacity is provided by Cisco UCS Mini servers, the cloud storage capacity is provided by high-speed NetApp storage system while the tasks of the self-service management portal and server virtualization is carried out by the Microsoft’s Windows 2012 R2 and AzurePack products.

The NetApp offers data storage solutions which are extremely well-scalable, simplify the complexity of the virtualization and drastically reduce the costs of data storage.

The Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS) is a server platform specifically for the virtualized environments, which unifies in one system the computing capacity, the network and storage connection and the virtualization. The UCS Mini is to serve the – in the first place those of the small and medium business – needs which does not require more than 16 servers.

The Microsoft System Center 2012 R2, offering cloud and data center management solution is the self-service model of a flexible, cost-effective private cloud infrastructure, which enables the application of the Microsoft Azure technologies within a private cloud.

What Costs Does a Private Cloud Have?

As every integrated solution, the proposed cloud service is highly dependent on the client’s expectations, for example the parameters of the resources. In general, however, it can be stated that a system capable of running 60-70 virtual servers is available at a cost even from some ten thousands of euros.

Our Clients Said About Cloud

’ Our development processes were significantly accelerated by the establishment of our private cloud. We could try new ideas very quickly, the lead times of the tests have reduced to one-third.’

– Zoltán Lógó, LogMeIn

’ Our private cloud lifted a considerable load off
of the IT operations and increased the control over the developer systems. ’

– Zoltán Lógó, LogMeIn

Would You Try Our Cloud Service?

The proof of pudding is in the eating? We’re ready! Contact our IT expert and after a personal consultation and pre-qualification you can try our Flexpod based private cloud infrastructure! Want to step one further? If you’re satisfied, we also help you, with completing the trial environment by Microsoft Azure, to establish a real, operational hybrid IT at your company. For more information, please contact us

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