Avoid Costly Warranty Issues with Upfront Fatigue Analysis

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Webinar Series: Predict Potential Part Failure with Fast, Effective Fatigue and Durability Analysis

Free to Attend Webinar Series – 9-11 February | 14:00-14:45 pm GMT (15:00-15:45pm CET)

Before a product ever goes to market, companies must understand how it will behave during and beyond its expected use cycle. The cost of an unreliable part can be extensive, with expensive warranty claims potentially eroding profitability. To combat this, design and engineering teams are deploying fatigue and durability simulation to rapidly identify issues to prevent in-service failures.

This webinar series will showcase how high development costs and expensive warranty claims can be minimised by integrating fatigue simulation into your design process. Consisting of three 45 minute sessions over three days, this series will present powerful, easy-to-learn fatigue analysis solutions that can be used from the early CAD generation phase, through to detailed CAE modelling and analysis.

Join us and see how you can develop more robust products that minimise the risk of part failure or warranty issues occurring during their in-use life.

Attend and Learn:

How to reduce the risk of product or part failures using the latest fatigue simulation technologies.
How to get accurate results fast and gain valuable design guidance to accelerate decision-making.
How a revolutionary GUI enables part-time analysts or simulation experts to perform fatigue life predictions efficiently.

Who Should Attend?

This three-part series is ideal for designers, design engineers, test engineers, and experienced fatigue specialists alike, who need to develop robust products in tight timescales.


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2021.02.09 › 15:00 to
2021.02.11 › 15:00


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