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Solution Oriented Product Demo Series
13 - 23 July 2020

Learn how Altair’s Solution-oriented Approach Accelerates your Product Development

Join this free product demo series and explore Altair’s solution-oriented approach
Get to know Altair’s multiphysics solution-oriented product demo series for optimized product development.

From 1D to 3D – in this series you will learn step-by-step with two examples, the development of a radar antenna and a wheel carrier, how Altair’s Multiphysics Solution-Oriented Approach is working for all the tools and processes involved in the product development while optimizing performance.

We will present and demo the software and you can follow each step with your own local license while we deal with topics such as:

  • Creation of a detailed multi-body dynamic plant for system simulation including component flexibility
  • E-motor setup and simulation with Altair Flux and export for system simulation components with various levels of fidelity
  • Holistic system simulation with MBD and FEM: efficient load identification ensures structural integrity
  • Finetuning performance and manufacturing feasibility
  • And many more

This series is for you if you want to:

  • learn how to reduce development times,
  • fully understand your system’s behavior,
  • optimize and validate performance considering manufacturing realities,
  • learn more about frontloading your development processes.

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